Our prop box full of goodies includes everything you will need to bring your party to life. Even the most mildly reserved people find it hard to say no to putting on a pair of over-sized sun glasses or a goofy hat. Our Prop Boxes include glamorous tiaras and boas, goofy hats, silly sunglasses and so much more. There is something for everyone to enjoy! Best of all, the Prop Box is included with every Foto Gazebo package. We also  take requests, so if there is something you want, let us know, and will do our best to accommodate your prop box needs for your special event. Unlike ALL our competition, we even include cardboard cutouts to pose with!
Add Muliple-choice Digital Backgrounds to your booth to add a whole new dimension to your experience. Digital Backgrounds are the perfect way to personalize the Foto Gazebo experience for your event.  With this option your guests will have the ability to choose from many different backgrounds. They can place themselves on an exotic beach, on the moon, on a train, and many more backgrounds.
We have a library of background graphics for you to choose from. We can also match the background art to the photo strip commemorating your event! 
KEEPSAKE BOOK A Foto Gazebo Keepsake Book can be added. Each guest will receive two 2 X 6 inch Photo-Stick Strips. They keep one for themselves and peel-and-stick the other into your Foto Gazebo Keepsake Book along with their own personalized sentiments.  The Keepsake book would be displayed on a table top just outside the booth. The attendant will ask your guests to write a sentiment next to their picture expressing their thoughts. A Keepsake Book will not only remind you how important friends and family are but it will also make a great conversation piece later. 
USB DRIVE STORAGE For a typical event Foto Gazebo will take several hundred photos, all of them stored on the photo booth hard drive. At the end of each event we transfer every image onto a flash drive and hand it to you after your event. 


PHOTO STRIP FRAMES Our Photo Strip Frames are made of a high-quality clear acrylic 3mm thick! They make great party favors... place a few on each of your guests tables and watch them fly! Each photo strip frame measures 2" wide by 6" high and stand on their own without tipping! Ask about our bulk quantity offer. 
SOCIAL MEDIA-BILITY Add social media capability to your experience. Your guests will have the option to enter either their facebook account information or email address to share their photos. The posting will be immediate if your venue provides a WiFi connection. Otherwise, posting will be completed once we return to our studio. Your guests will be notified once the posting has been completed.

QR Codes are also displayed on screen and/or on the photo strips so your guests can share immediately via their smartphones. 

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